DIGIFORT - Video Management Software

DIGIFORT - License Plate Recognition

DIGIFORT - People Counting

DIGIFORT - Facial Recognition

IP CCTV for security Dublin City University - 353 cameras

IP CCTV for process control BMW Mini factory

IP CCTV and IT monitoring Site CCTV and IT system integrity

IP CCTV for security Waddesdon Manor - 203 cameras, 52 analytics

IP CCTV for health and safety DHL National Frozen Distribution Centre for Tesco

Thermal CCTV solutions Thermal intruder detection

The Security Buying Group supplies DIGIFORT, open-platform, video management and analytics software for intelligent CCTV surveillance systems.

Our VMS, analytics, synopsis, LPR and facial recognition solutions are server based. They can be used in large, multi-site applications as well as small sites, with very few cameras.

The Security Buying Group is a DELL re-seller. We offer competitive server and client PC pricing and we can supply all cameras, network and storage products to complete a job. We offer manufacturer-level design and support for everything we sell.

Our full range of services include:

  • VMS and analytics system design and supply
  • Analytics with I-LIDS approval
  • Facial recognition
  • License plate recognition
  • Forensic video synopsis
  • ‘Hot spot’ and thermal video detection
  • Edge recording and Edge analytics solutions
  • Pre-configuration and commissioning