About Us

The Security Buying Group is the UK agent for DIGIFORT video management software (VMS).

We help customers design and specify highly effective, server-based, intelligent CCTV systems.

Our standard analytics solutions include:

Presence, Enter, Exit, Appear, Disappear, Direction filter, Speed filter, Tailgating, Counting, Stopped object, Loitering, Abandoned object and Removed object.

We offer additional software modules for:

  • Facial recognition.
  • License plate recognition (LPR).
  • Forensic video synopsis using deep integration with BriefCam.
  • Edge recording
  • Edge analytics solutions.

Digifort analytics has i-LIDS approval.

The Security Buying Group is a DELL re-seller offering competitive pricing on servers and client PCs. The optimal VMS system design requires knowledge of both the VMS software capability and the server hardware it is run on. The Security Buying Group has that capability.