About Us

The Security Buying Group is a specialist video management software (VMS) and analytics company. We help to design and specify highly effective IP-based, intelligent CCTV systems.

We fully support all the products we sell and offer commercial advantages and functional benefits when using a combination of our software and hardware solutions in our CCTV systems.

The Security Buying Group is the UK agent for Digifort, the leading, open platform, VMS and analytics system. We work with over 245 brands of CCTV cameras. We will also supply ENEO and REDVISION cameras, when the video hardware has not already been specified.

The Security Buying Group commits to the following services for its customers.

  • Competitive pricing on all security equipment.
  • Delivery of security equipment within a pre-defined time frame.
  • A retrospective discount for achieving or exceeding agreed sales levels.
  • Specific pre and post sales technical support.
  • Pre-configuration and system design services (additional costs may apply).
  • A warranty period (terms and conditions apply) which comprises a 3 month advanced replacement and 3 year repair service on security hardware products*.
  • Provision of demonstration equipment and software at discounted prices or for free.
  • Contribution to a Business Development Fund proportional to sales turnover. We have an incentive to spend this fund with www.optimum-pdm.com. The business development fund is intended for marketing projects such as collateral / brochures, press coverage (press releases, case studies and expert columns in target market sectors), vertical marketing projects, digital communications and website feeds and links. However, customers are able to spend the fund as they prefer.

* Replacement and repair services. Advanced replacement is offered for products which fail within 3 months of purchase. A repair service is offered for products which fail within 3 years of purchase. Please note that the 3 year warranty does not apply to fully functional dome mechanisms and the hard disc drives in recording equipment. These have a one year warranty.