The Digifort VMS controls, views and records IP cameras on one or many sites. Digifort includes analytics, synopsis, LPR and facial recognition options.

Digifort is a digital surveillance system for the management of cameras, automation and access control. It offers total integration with a large range of IP cameras, including those with analytics built in. Digifort also supports edge recording within its license structure and is compatible with most leading brands.

Digifort’s graphic interface is based on the Windows OS with its familiar display of screens, functions, menus, help windows and manuals. It is simple to operate and learn, requiring minimal training.

Digifort is available in 4 editions, but can be scaled up and upgraded to any size:

Explorer - up to 16 cameras (no alarms)
Standard - up to 32 cameras
Professional - up to 64 cameras
Enterprise - unlimited cameras

Analytics and ALPR options can be added to all editions, with the exception of Explorer, the entry level license edition with similar functionality to NVRs.