Digifort benefits

Here are 12 reasons to choose Digifort over other open-platform VMS and analytics solutions

Digifort’s benefits include:
  1. Digifort has no maintenance requirements or recurring costs. If new features are needed from a new release, then a license upgrade is an option at extra cost. If users are happy with the system “as is”, then no upgrade or cost will be necessary.
  2. The “web client” has all “standard client” functions, allowing complete system control and backup via the browser.
  3. Set up and operation are intuitive with minimal training.
  4. Analytics can be added to any license type, with the exception of Explorer.
  5. Remote access is simple, with just one port per server. There is no need to designate a port per camera, making router or firewall configuration simpler and quicker.
  6. Digifort Analytics is accurate and powerful with intuitive calibration.
  7. Speed detection on motion is available.
  8. Analytics does not require complex rule settings. Simply create a zone on the image, right click and select what you want to know about the zone and add actions and rules.
  9. Each camera has a disk calculator to estimate disk usage with the current settings.
  10. Mobile camera streaming allows video to be streamed from mobile phones (Android and iPhone) to a server, appearing in the client. Each mobile device needs a channel license to do this.
  11. Mobile client viewing is part of the license packages, so no additional fee for smartphone and tablet viewing is required.
  12. Camera previews appear immediately in the configuration page to help set up.


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