Face recognition

Face Recognition and Crowd Control analytics.

Aimetis Face Recognition and Aimetis Crowd Detection video analytics are seamlessly integrated with Aimetis Symphony™ video management system (VMS).

Aimetis Face Recognition benefits any security system:

Aimetis Face Recognition is a robust video analytic, ideally suited for securing facilities that require a stronger layer of protection for access control.

Face Recognition offers:

  • Two-factor authentication for access control systems
  • Alarm notifications for retailers, identifying VIP customers or known repeat thieves
  • Smart search using face recognition to locate a specific person

Secure public spaces with Crowd Detection:

Aimetis Crowd Detection delivers real-time occupancy estimation, ideal for monitoring public spaces, event venues, and capacity restricted environments.

Crowd Detection is ideal for:

  • Optimizing security staff deployments in real-time to the most vital areas
  • Delivering alerts to operators when area occupancy suddenly rises or falls