Digifort analytics (VCA)

Digifort Analytic modules include powerful video analysis for efficient and intelligent monitoring of sites

The Digifort system can generate alarms on events in real-time with associated reports. Alarm triggers include vehicle wrong direction, intrusion, suspicious movement, counting objects, abandoned objects, face detection and much more. The Digifort analytics module has many advantages, including highly reliable and accurate object and people tracking; easy set-up and configuration; effective and uncomplicated deployment; and comprehensive support.

The analytics package includes:

  • People counting: Identify people for counting, whether in groups or individually. Digifort will count each person in both directions over a line.
  • Tailgating: Create virtual gates over areas where an object or person goes through.
  • Object counting: The counting module is not limited to people. Different objects, with different characteristics such as size and speed can be counted as different types of objects, at the same time.
  • Left objects: Trigger alarms when an object is left in a pre-configured virtual zone.
  • Taken object: Trigger alarms when an object is removed from a pre-configured virtual zone.
  • Face detection: Captures faces for filing in a database for subsequent analysis and reporting.
  • Loitering: Triggers an alarm when a person, car, animal or other pre-defined object classification remains in a pre-configured virtual zone for a pre-defined length of time.
  • Camera tampering: Triggers an alarm when the camera is disturbed by camera motion, focus, brightness change, obstruction and vandalism at adjustable levels.
  • Virtual barriers: Allows the setting of virtual barriers which trigger if crossed.
  • Speed alarm: Triggers when the speed of objects in a scene are above or below a pre-defined level.
  • Stopped objects: Triggers when a car, person, animal or other pre-defined object classification stops in a pre-configured virtual zone for a pre-defined length of time.
  • Direction control: Generate alarms when objects come into, leave, appear and disappear within a virtual area.
  • Filter by object: Allows an object to be classified so alarms will only be triggered by that defined object type, such as cars and people.
  • Camera trepidation cancelling: If a camera is in a hazardous environment, any interference in the scene will not affect the analytics.
  • Distributed processing: Analytical processing is balanced between multiple servers using the client-server architecture. Load balancing allows for flexibility when increasing analytics demands.
  • Configuration by 3D grid: The analysis module allows the configuration of a 3D grid for accurate analytics set up.
  • Object classification registration: This provides a pre-registration of objects to be detected by size and speed.
  • Research and reporting: All events generated in the video analysis modules can be searched. The module generates reports from any event in analytical format by date / time, camera, zones, types of event and object types in the research and event reports.
  • Live surveillance: This surveillance shows the following options; areas and virtual line configuration; object rectangle; display area in meters or imperial measurement; object movement; classification of objects; height of the objects; speed of the objects; display counters with the current index scores.


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