Digifort Facts

What makes Digifort the market leading VMS?

Here are ten important facts about Digifort that make it the market leading VMS.

  1. Digifort does not charge annual maintenance fees but it does maintain and update its software regularly.
  2. Digifort analytics is integrated within the VMS for optimal performance and simple configuration.
  3. Digifort uses metadata for fast and efficient analytics and motion processing.
  4. Digifort is an open platform VMS solution that not only works with cameras but also with DVRs/NVRs, I/O’s, video servers and media for cost-effective project deployment.
  5. Digifort always appoints an agent in each contry/territory it sells in to ensure optimal support, effective project management and guaranteed price protection.
  6. Digifort is a leading VMS sold in over 120 countries.
  7. Digifort has direct integration with over 300 camera brands (9000 products) as well as ONVIF integration with even more (which is more limited).
  8. Digifort has over 22,000 satisfied customers worldwide.
  9. Digifort supports many flexible fail-over and remote storage options for simple installations through to mission-critical applications.
  10. Digifort has sold over 2 million channel licenses, making it one of the leading VMS platforms in the world.

The Security Buying Group provides servers suitable for VMS and analytics solutions with up to 100TB RAID 5, built in. We also provide client PCs to view VMS systems and our Mobile Apps work on Windows PC, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone and Android devices.


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