• SBG Thermal Camera

    SBG thermal camera following a ‘hotspot’. The temperature reading, bottom left, shows ambient temperature and deviation. All readings can trigger alerts within our VMS solutions, notifying operators by email, text, video clip etc. Hotspots can help fire prevention and ambient temperature variance can help maintain room temperature in warehouse, distribution and deep freezes.

  • Aimetis Symphony people counting

    Aimetis Symphony people counting analytics in action in retail applications. Even with poor camera image quality, the accuracy is high.

  • Digifort - loitering

    This video demonstrates the Loitering feature of Digifort Analytics. The Loitering is configured for the red zone and will trigger an alarm after 1 minute

  • Digifort - prohibited area

    This video demonstrates a simple alarm of when a person enters a prohibited area. It is set so the alarm is triggered by a person not by a car.

  • Digifort VMS in operation

    An overview of using and operating the Digifort VMS. The graphic user interface is clear and simple and requires minimal training. Some cheesy Euro-Pop music too!

  • Digifort ALPR registering vehicle plates

    The Digifort automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) engine in operation with moving vehicles.