• Redvision mixed WHITE light and IR LED illumination

    Video footage shows a night-time scene with no light, IR and WHITE light on. It also shows how effective the WHITE light is as a visual deterrent to intruders.

  • Redvision RedCop rapid deployment CCTV system

    RedCop™ is a trailer-mounted, CCTV security system comes with a 24/7 monitoring service that can be set up in minutes. It is designed for temporary, semi-permanent, changing and remote security applications such as construction, utility, industrial, public space and temporary applications.

  • RV30 IP PTZ with inbuilt infra-red, 30x zoom and 100+ m range

    ​The video demonstrates how powerful the IR illumination is with Redvision RV30 rugged domes including when zoomed in. Smart IR also ensures the image is not over-exposed at any time.

  • Redvision X-Series PTZ/Dome Camera

    Redvision has used its CCTV expertise to ensure the X-Series™ offers exceptional performance. The range includes 18x and 28x colour and colour/mono (true day/night) options. Redvision specialises in super-efficient, white-light and IR LED technology, so the cameras can be used in total darkness or mixed light conditions. Running costs and total cost of ownership are very low and green credentials are impressive.