• Direction filter

    ​Detecting people walking in wrong direction

  • Stopped vehicle and illegal parking

    ​Stopped vehicle with alert after 30 seconds

  • Digifort facial recognition

    Digifort facial recognition working with groups.

  • Missing (removed) object

    ​Detecting bike taken from beside bus shelter

  • Digifort analytics configurations

    How to set-up basic analytics on a Digifort server.

  • Digifort playback feature

    How to play back recorded footage.

  • Digifort screen style setup

    How to setup a screen style in Digifort using the grid (up to 20 x 20 per monitor).

  • Digifort adding a camera

    How to add a camera to a Digifort recording server.

  • Installing Digifort

    Installing the Digifort VMS and adding a camera for recording.

  • Digifort facial recognition

    Operating facial recognition with a PTZ camera.

  • Digifort facial recognition

    Accurate and reliable recognition of people.

  • Digifort Video Synopsis

    Detailed overview. Digifort is integrated with Briefcam