About Us

The Security Buying Group represents Digifort video management and analytics software in the UK and is a DELL re-seller.

Working through our channel partners, we support integrators with the design, specification and commissioning of highly effective, server-based, intelligent CCTV systems. We offer competitive pricing on DELL servers and client PCs, optimising them for running the Digifort VMS and analytics.

We have two levels of analytics - IPX Analytics to recognise people, vehicles and objects and how they behave; and VCA Core Analytics, for efficient site management.

IPX Analytics, with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, comes in three options:

General - identifying over 80 types of objects.

Crime - identifying short and long weapons, suspicious positioning (like aiming a gun), motor cycle type helmets and masks.

Helmet and PPE - identifying people wearing (or not wearing) hard hat type helmets, masks and goggles.

VCA Core Analytics allows all of following recognition rules:

Presence, Enter, Exit, Appear, Disappear, Direction filter, Speed filter, Tailgating, Counting, Stopped object, Loitering, Abandoned object and Removed object.

Any combination of the above rules can be run concurrently in a zone within a camera view and multiple zones can be used concurrently on each analytics channel / license.

We offer additional software modules for:

We also offer solutions for Edge recording and Edge analytics and we have i-LIDS approval.

Our support services include:

Brochures and Datasheets

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