Vertical markets

Digifort is one of the largest and most capable, open-platform, VMS and analytics solutions in the world.

Digifort has sold over 3.5 million channel licenses across 120 countries. It is used to secure and manage sites in many different markets. The download documentation, below, gives more information about some of the markets we work in, with reference sites. However, please contact us if your market is not covered, as we have reference sites for many other sectors.

Why are we so successful?

We believe we have the formula right!

Digifort does not charge annual maintenance fees, although its software is regularly updated. It has upgrade paths for its VMS software and add-on modules for analytics, LPR, facial recognition and synopsis, supporting all site expansion and development in the future. Digifort supports many flexible, fail-over and remote storage options and is equally suitable for small and simple installations right through to the largest, mission-critical, applications.

​Vertical market brochures

Airport Airport reference documentation Download
Bank ​Bank, asset and fraud protection Download
City ​City surveillance reference documentation Download
Education Education reference documentation Download
Transport Transport and railway reference documentation Download
Retail Retail reference documentation Download
Retail POS ​Point-of-sale solutions using C2P Download
Reference sites Reference sites from all over the world Download