Digifort integrates with all leading thermal cameras for life-safety solutions.

Digifort uses ‘hot-spot’ and ‘scene temperature deviation’ in thermal cameras to trigger alarms.

Digifort uses the ‘hot-spot’ and ‘scene temperature deviation’ features of thermal cameras to trigger real time alarms. The hot-spot feature can detect a person whose body temperature is above, say, 38.0°C and has a fever - see image above. Scene temperature deviation is typically used to manage the ambient temperature of buildings, such as a cold storage warehouse.

Digifort Alarm Response

An alert from the thermal camera is transmitted to Digifort as either an HTTP message or as a physical alarm output. Digifort presents the alarm as a window with the video starting at the point of the alarm, complete with specific instructions for the operator or key-holder. In larger systems, with many users, specific alarms can be assigned to specific users.

The video associated with the alarm is ‘bookmarked’ against Digifort’s video timeline for easy retrieval. Multiple, related cameras can be included within the alarm activation window for comprehensive event coverage.

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