Digifort’s new IPX Analytics provide PPE mask, goggles and helmet detection.

The IPX 'Helmet and PPE' analytics can tell if a person is wearing a hard helmet, PPE mask and/or goggles.

Digifort IPX Analytics uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to recognise people, vehicles and objects and how they behave.

IPX Analytics allow logical rules to be applied, so that an alarm is only raised when the exact combination of objects are seen, or not seen, together. For example, if a person is wearing, or not wearing, a helmet, PPE or goggles and breaching site regulations.

In the example below left, an alarm has been triggered (yellow box) to show a person is wearing a PPE mask and goggles, but no helmet. Below right, an alarm has been triggered when a person has removed their helmet in a zone where helmets are compulsory.

Typical applications include:

  • Verification that PPE is being worn on site.
  • Only allowing site access to people with a mask.
  • Raising an alarm if a construction worker is not wearing a helmet.

Digifort’s IPX Analytics also include weapon detection and occupancy modules.

Some facts about Digifort:

  • No annual maintenance fees.
  • Direct integration with over 300 camera brand partners (9000+ products).
  • 3.5M channel licenses sold.
  • Fail-over and cloud options.
  • Analytics, LPR, facial recognition and synopsis modules.

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