Digifort's new IPX analytics provides multi-zone, multi-camera occupancy.

Digifort's new IPX analytics provides multi-zone, multi-camera occupancy.

Digifort IPX Analytics uses AI and Deep Learning to recognise people, vehicles and objects and how they are behaving.

The IPX analytics will count the people, vehicles and objects within a zone, or multiple zones, in a camera view, simply by looking at the scene. This means:

  • No more counting people into and out of a room over a line.
  • No issues with more than one door or access point.
  • No need to place a camera directly above a door for accuracy.
  • Existing cameras can often be used to provide the analytics video stream.

Occupancy zones are drawn in the camera view. Total occupancy can be calculated in a single zone; multiple zones in a camera view; and multiple zones across multiple cameras. Real-time, current and historical occupancy reports can be produced and a web-based dashboard shows current occupancy.

Alerts can be triggered if occupancy levels are exceeded.

Typical applications include:

  • Management of office or meeting room use.
  • Management of site occupancy to Covid-secure requirements.
  • Car park management.

Digifort’s IPX Analytics also includes weapon detection and PPE detection modules.

Some facts about Digifort:

  • No annual maintenance fees.
  • Direct integration with over 300 camera brand partners (9000+ products).
  • 3.5M channel licenses sold.
  • Fail-over and cloud options.
  • Analytics, LPR, facial recognition and synopsis modules.

Digifort EXCHANGE:

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