VCA Core Analytics

Digifort Video Content Analysis for efficient site management.

Digifort VCA is a real-time video analytics engine that utilizes advanced image processing algorithms to turn video into actionable intelligence. At the core of the product is an advanced object tracking engine that continually tracks moving and stationary targets. The tracking engine features built-in robustness to environmental nuisance conditions such as changing illumination, moving foliage, rippling water, reflections etc.

The Digifort VCA includes self calibration of objects and a deep learning capability, using GPU processing, able to track up to 700 objects per camera view.

Object filters include people, groups of people, vehicles and colour, as well as Logic rules for combinations of objects.

Search options allow cameras or groups of cameras to be searched by zone, class of object or events on a dedicated day or time slot.

All of the below analytics functions are available on each channel license and they can be used simultaneously.

The Digifort Analytics licence structure includes all the following as standard:

Intrusion detection:

Detects when an object, person or vehicle is inside or crossing a zone or a line.

Dwell detection:

Objects that dwell inside a zone for longer than a pre-defined amount of time will trigger an alarm.

Direction detection:

Objects that travel in the configured direction through a zone or over a line will trigger an alarm.

Removed object:

Significant objects are detected when carried out of a zone, triggering an alarm.

Abandoned object detection:

This detects the abandoning of an object in a predefined zone, such as a bag or suitcase left on the street.

Object counting:

Up to 40 on-screen counter lines can be linked to the detection rules per channel. They provide on-screen counting of all types of detection objects.

Appear and disappear:

Detects objects on the basis of a pre-defined intensity of colours, e.g. clothes for medical staff at hospitals.

Object classification:

Object classification from properties extracted from the object including object area and speed.

Stopped object detection:

Objects that are stopped inside a zone for longer than the defined amount of time will trigger an alarm.

Tamper detection:

Digifort VCA can automatically detect if a camera is moved, de-focused, covered or tampered with in any way, informing the operator.

People tracking:

Highly accurate people tracking, counting, and queue management using state-of-the art, 3D imaging technology.

Enter and exit detection:

An “object entered” alarm is raised when an object crosses from the outside to the inside of a detection zone.

Tailgate detection:

Object tailgating is defined as two objects crossing a virtual line or zone within in a pre-defined time frame. For example, a second unauthorized vehicle enters a car park very close to a first vehicle, or if two people enter a security zone using a single access card.

Shake cancellation:

Tracker works even if the camera is on a swinging or vibrating pole or mount.

License Plate Recognition, Synopsis, Facial Recognition, Edge Recording and Edge Analytics require additional licensing.

Digifort VCA datasheet. Digifort analytics technical specification. Download