Weather proof, cable-managed housings for CCTV cameras (up to 300mm for camera and lens)

VTL-WWD main features:

  • Weather protection for cameras
  • Integrated wall bracket
  • Fold-down housing body
  • Insulated camera mounting
  • Installation length: 300mm max.
  • Cable entry through the wall bracket
  • PTC screen heater 12-24V
  • Protection rating: IP66
  • Housing colour: RAL9002

In addition the VTL-300/WW-POE and POEB housing include:

  • Integrated PoE splitter (12VDC/1.75A resilient)
  • Thermostatically controlled window heater
  • Humidity protected cable feed-through
  • High PoE injector
  • Fan (VTL-300/WW-POEB only)

The VTL-300/WW-POEB is high PoE and IP54 rated.

VTL-300/WW-POE 300mm, wall bracket, heater, 12V, high PoE, IP66
VTL-300/WW-POEB 300mm, wall bracket, heater, fan, 12V, high PoE, IP54