IR illumination

IR LED illuminators with Spot and Elliptic options and 100m to 220m range

Main features:

  • Compact high power IR illuminator
  • High power SMT LEDs with high efficiency
  • Spectral emission: 850nm
  • Elliptic and spot radiation angles - see data sheets below
  • Scene coverage from 100m to 220m
  • Easy installation, no separate PSU required (230V)
  • Twilight switch and pressure equalizer filter
  • Extended temperature range -50°C to +50°C
  • Protection rating IP65/IP67
  • Easy wall or ceiling mounting
  • Mountable to weather proof housing
  • Screwable 3-pin connector
IRLED-401E 55°x16°, 100m range, Elliptic
IRLED-401S 13°, 150m range, Spot
IRLED-402E 55°x16°, 140m range, Elliptic
IRLED-402S 13°, 220m range, Spot