Genesis 2 PIRs

Genesis 2 wireless and hard-wired PIRs provide highly responsive, accurate detection with excellent false alarm immunity

LG2WP G2 Series

Genesis 2 is a stylish, high-performance, PIR range with Black Optical Mirrors and Quad Element Pyro Sensors. The range provides highly responsive, accurate detection with excellent false alarm immunity.

Why wireless?

Wireless transmission provides the versatility to place the PIR detector in positions that would otherwise not be feasible due to wiring issues, without requiring civil works to install. This includes placing the PIRs on a site perimeter looking inwards which reduces false alarms and detection over-spill.

Battery life is around two years which is achieved by a special regulator that maintains optimum performance, even if the batteries are running low. The product may also be powered from an external 12 volt DC power supply if preferred.

Radio communications between the PIR detector and Masthead is robust and reliable, with up to 64 PIRs operating in the same system at up to 1km away.

Wireless and hard-wired PIRs

The view angle is covert and cannot be ascertained by looking at the product. Additionally the product is less prone to unauthorised adjustment as there are no external movable parts.

The enclosure is a silver colour with a white window with two options for cable entry. Its weather rating is IP66.

There are two detection range types to choose from and distance can be adjusted from longer to shorter as required.

LG2WP G2 Series Genesis 2 wireless PIR detectors
LG2HW G2 Series Genesis 2 hard-wired PIR detectors
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