Genesis 2 System

Genesis 2, LG2WP series wireless PIR detectors for CCTV activation

Genesis 2 wireless PIRs: How the system works.

Genesis 2 wireless PIRs are designed to detect infra-red body heat emissions from intruders and raise an alarm. Radio frequency, wireless technology is used to transmit data relating to intruders and site events to a Masthead receiver. Up to 64 Genesis PIRs within a 1km radius of the Masthead can be used in each system. The Masthead connects directly to an event-driven CCTV system by serial interface or IP network.

PIRs are a cost-effective, early detection tool. Genesis 2 PIRs are amongst the most accurate. They use quad pyro-sensors and black mirror optics to reduce false alarms, detecting intruders but ignoring harmless objects such as animals, sunlight reflections, foliage, litter, insects and birds.

Genesis 2 wireless technology enables the PIRs to be mounted in their optimal detection positions, irrespective of cabling and power line locations and without requiring civil works for cables. Most critically, they can be mounted on a site perimeter, looking in, reducing false alarms from detection “overspill”.

The Genesis 2 has front access for easy, on-site fitting and adjustment and can be set up to look directly down or along a wall. Its case is IP 66 rated and made from tough, weather-proof ABS.

Genesis 2 wireless PIRs: Innovative features:

  • Black mirror optics reflect infra-red emissions from an intruder’s body heat onto quad pyro-sensors, whilst filtering out unwanted light. They have high-gain, enabling detection distances of up to 60m in narrow beam and 30m in wide beam modes, further than competitors’ products.
  • Quad pyro-sensing means four sensors must trigger before an alarm is raised, not the industry standard of one or two. This reduces the false alarms caused by lighting changes, loose materials, foliage and animals.
  • The unique, adaptive zoom focal length enables the Genesis 2 to sense evenly over its detection range, irrespective of a target’s distance, motion or speed.
  • 8 event categories, including intruder detection, tamper, cloak, shock, battery low, missing (detector), Masthead tamper and Masthead jamming enable the PIR to categorise events. Critical events, like intrusion, can alert an operator, whereas non-critical events, like low battery, can prompt a maintenance visit. Event categorization contributes to the Genesis 2 compliance with the NSI Scaffold Alarm System code of practice (NCP 115).
  • Battery life is a market leading 2 years using Alkaline cells and 4 years with Lithium cells, with a 12v PSU option.
  • The wireless range is 1km, the furthest available, which is essential for perimeter detection. The Genesis 2 is also BS8418 compliant.
  • Luminite’s unique Walk Test Instrument is used to verify the Genesis 2’s intruder detection range and confirm the wireless signal strength, ensuring a reliable installation.
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