IP Thermal Bullet

SBG 80 20 camera range. IP thermal camera with 5x fixed lens options.

SBG-FXX-D1BB5AZ - IP thermal camera with 5x fixed lens options.

F08 (8mm lens) / F15 (15mm lens) / F25 (25mm lens) / F35 (35mm lens) / F50 (50mm lens)

The SBG thermal camera uses un-cooled infrared focal plane array detectors. Its unique features include ‘hot-spot’ detection and ‘scene temperature deviation’. These are used to trigger alarms within our Digifort VMS platform.

The ‘hot-spot’ alert detects the hottest point in up to five zones in the camera’s field of view, marking it with a cross (to show the exact reason for an alarm or alert condition). The temperature reading at each cross, and its deviation from the ambient temperature level of each zone, is displayed in the video image. The hottest of the ‘hot-spots’ in the camera’s view is highlighted with a larger ‘cross-hair’ and tracked in close to real time.

The ‘Scene temperature deviation’ feature allows users to set a safe working temperature range in each zone or for the entire scene. An alert will be triggered if a zone becomes too hot or cold. For example, if the temperature threshold of a zone is programmed at 50°C, any part of that zone exceeding 50°C will trigger an alert or raise an alarm.

The system is already actively used in fire prevention, early fire detection and life safety applications and has many other uses.

‘Hot-spot’ and ‘scene temperature deviation’ features:

  • 5x temperature measuring point zones with points shown on thermal image, display and monitor
  • Temperature values: high and low temperature measurement, temperature measurement, full screen display
  • Alarms: Set temperature alarm condition: temperature warning, temperature alarm, temperature change

Other key features:

  • Detecting infrared long wave 8-14um
  • Up to 420x315 pixels
  • Output resolution D1 / CIF
  • Heat sensitivity of 50mK
  • Supports switch black heat / incandescent / rainbow / red iron oxide
  • Support for image enhancement
  • Edge recording SDcard
  • ONVIF Profile S integration / compliance
  • IP66 rated case
  • Power 12vDC / PoE
  • -10℃~+50℃ operating temperature
  • Weight 1900g
SBG-Fxx-D1BB5AZ IP thermal camera with combined lens data for selection Download
SBG-F08-D1BB5AZ IP thermal camera with 8mm fixed lens
SBG-F15-D1BB5AZ IP thermal camera with 15mm fixed lens
SBG-F25-D1BB5AZ IP thermal camera with 25mm fixed lens
SBG-F35-D1BB5AZ IP thermal camera with 35mm fixed lens
SBG-F50-D1BB5AZ IP thermal camera with 50mm fixed lens