LGTX434 Transmitter

The Genesis wireless Transmitter module converts any third-party, hard-wired detectors or alarms into wireless operation

LGTX434 transmitter module

The LGTX434 transmitter module enables third-party detection products to interface with the Genesis Wireless system such as Active Infra Red Beams and Door Contacts.

The module is powered from batteries and has a special regulator that maintains optimum performance even when the batteries have run down. When used with battery beam sets, the LGTX434 will report the battery status of the beam set. Just like the LGWP detectors, this transmitter module poles every minute to inform the system that it is still operational and to advise the battery condition. Available as 12 volts, 4.5 volts or 3 volts.

LGTX434 Transmitter  Transmitter module for Genesis Wireless