Masthead Receivers

IP Masthead Transceiver and Masthead Receiver

Serial Port / RS232 Masthead Receiver - LGMT434

The Masthead Receiver forms the core of a Genesis Wireless system and is weather proof to IP66. Its purpose is to receive alarm data from the wireless PIR’s and pass it to a control unit, or compatible device via an RS232 link.

A Masthead can transmit data as well as receive it, which means it will transmit back to a Walk Test Instrument to show all received information as well as the signal strength at the masthead. In this way the installer knows that the detector is working correctly and also that it is being received by the system. In addition, it can perform as a repeater for systems that require greater transmission operating distances.

Reception Range is up to 1km line of signt and up to seven repeaters can be used in any one system to provide transmission range of several kilometres. Finally, the Masthead can be programmed with individual names for each unit number which are transmitted to the walk test instrument or pager to aid location of the detector. An optional aerial (AE434) may be used instead of the supplied aerial for improved reception.

IP Masthead Receiver - LGIP MT434

The Genesis IP Masthead has all the features of the standard LGMT434 Masthead but with the enhancement of IP connectivity for Plug & Play alarm integrations and email system alerts.

IP connectivity enables local plug and play connectivity with selected Alarms, DVR’s and NVR’s as well as a host of remote monitoring software solutions. The IMMIX platform is integrated using the robust SMTP protocol. In addition to this, another connection can be opened to provide client TCP/IP connection to the alarm system or DVR/NVR using a selectable protocol, including direct communication between PTZ cameras and PIRs.

The IP Masthead is future proofed by way of a ‘Boot Loader’ front end that allows remote upgrades of firmware. The IP Configurator, available for download is a FREE PC program which enables the Masthead to be remotely configured for the appropriate alarm interface as well as installing Masthead firmware updates. A new feature enables up to three email addresses to be configured to receive alerts such as ‘low battery’, ‘missing call’, ‘tamper’s & alarms’.

LGMT434 Serial Port / RS232 Masthead Receiver
LGIP MT434 IP Masthead Receiver
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