Marine finish

Standard Marine and Extra Marine finishes for X-SERIES™ cameras

Standard Marine or Extra Marine rated options of the X-SERIES™ camera range can be specified for extreme environments.

Standard Marine

The Standard Marine option has corrosion-resistant plating applied to its body castings before the powder coated paint. Stock domes are painted black or white, however, bespoke colours from the RAL range can also be specified in the Standard Marine finish. All external dome body parts, including the pedestal, wall and pendant mounting brackets are powder coated.

Extra Marine

The Extra Marine X-SERIES™ also has corrosion-resistant plating and includes an additional 25 year rated, dual paint, undercoat and top coat finish. Furthermore, all the pan, tilt and wiper mechanisms and shafts in the Extra Marine option are built from marine-grade stainless steel, increasing corrosion resistance, toughness and durability. The Extra Marine X-SERIES™ is white to reflect sunlight. The combination of using white paint and the Dome Cover, which acts as a sunshield, helps to reduce extremes of temperature in direct sunlight. Conversely, the Dome Cover also provides a level of insulation in cold environments and additional protection to the dome mechanism in marine applications.


The Extra Marine dome was developed for oil rigs, a notoriously harsh environment, where it was extensively tested. Sea-ports and terminals, coastal locations, chemical plants, toxic areas and many specialist industrial applications could all benefit from using the Extra Marine dome.

Marine finish upgrades

X-SERIES™ PTZ cameras, including those already installed, can be upgraded from powder coat finish to Standard Marine or Extra Marine finishes.

The upgrade option is considerably cheaper than replacing the camera and allows installers to correct wrongly specified finishes.

RV MARINE Advanced Marine protection for X-SERIES cameras and accessories.