UPS backups

Battery backup, power and surge protection for VMS and analytics servers and Client Viewing PCs

UPS backups

Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) protect computers and electronic equipment from fluctuations in power supply. They instantly adjust high voltage spikes and low voltage fluctuations to safe levels and provide a temporary source of continued power during outages. This will bridge the gap until power returns or allows a safe shut down, if required. We recommend that UPS are used with all our client PCs and servers.

The Security Buying Group supplies 700VA and 1400VA models with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). These They are equipped with 4 / 2 universal and 2 / 1 IEC sockets. The 700VA model suits desktop computers, monitors and other critical devices such as routers and modems. The 1400VA model is ideal for servers, which draw more power. We have other UPS options available to suit larger applications.


UPS for dual and quad monitor clients:

  • Output power: 390W.
  • Output power capacity: 700 VA.
  • Backup half load: 8.7 min.


UPS for single and dual CPU servers:

  • Output power: 700W.
  • Output power capacity: 1400 VA.
  • Backup half load: 11.2 min, full load: 2.4 min.


SBG 700 VA AVR UPS for Dell Client PCs Download
SBG 1400 VA AVR UPS for DELL servers Download

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