• Casino control room

    With multi-user control and videowall integration

  • Huge police control room

    One of the largest control rooms in the world

  • Airport control room

    Showing multi-user access and videowall integration

  • Facial recognition app

    Recognising people in real time by smartphone

  • LPR app using Smartphone

    Recognising vehicle plates in real time using phone

  • Live tracking of Smartphone

    Streaming video and tracking location on map

  • Live witness and map

    Streaming video from a smartphone directly to the VMS server

  • Neural analytics overview

    Showing recognition of bjects and combinations of objects

  • Object Link

    Helping operators track people and objects between cameras.

  • Neural analytics occupation

    Showing zone, occupancy, dashboard and reporting.

  • Warehouse fire

    ​Showing event triggering in Digifort

  • People counting with skeletal analytics

    ​Accurate counting with 18 point recognition

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