• Warehouse fire

    ​Showing event triggering in Digifort

  • Retail shelf clearing

    Alerting when supermarket shelves are emptied

  • People counting with skeletal analytics

    ​Accurate counting with 18 point recognition

  • VCA Core Analytics

    Showing skeletal people identification

  • VCA Core Analytics

    ​Showing skeletal people identification for accuracy

  • Fire detection

    ​Recognising a fire and raising an alarm

  • Helmet & mask detection

    ​Recognising staff on site with and without helmets and masks

  • Helmet detection

    Checking staff wear helmets on site

  • Occupancy in a zone

    Showing real-time dashboard for counting and occupancy

  • Occupancy with ENTRY

    Using two cameras at once with traffic light entry system

  • Social distancing

    ​Detecting if people get too close in a zone

  • Social distancing

    Showing alarms if people get too close