Analytics examples

  • Neural analytics overview

    Showing recognition of bjects and combinations of objects

  • Retail shelf clearing

    Alerting when supermarket shelves are emptied

  • People counting with skeletal analytics

    ​Accurate counting with 18 point recognition

  • VCA Core Analytics

    ​Showing skeletal people identification for accuracy

  • Helmet detection

    Checking staff wear helmets on site

  • Occupancy with ENTRY

    Using two cameras at once with traffic light entry system

  • Social distancing

    Showing alarms if people get too close

  • Vehicle counting

    ​Vehicles being counted as they cross a line.

  • People counting

    ​People being counted as they cross a line.

  • Direction filter

    ​Detecting people walking in wrong direction

  • Stopped vehicle and illegal parking

    ​Stopped vehicle with alert after 30 seconds

  • Missing (removed) object

    ​Detecting box removed from bench

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